Dans Movies

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It all started one nice evening. This gorgeous girl with the body of an angel and the tone that`s what every man wishes for called me. She said in the sexiest voice ever, “Come over tonight I want to watch some dirty movies.” I grabbed up my clothes and I was out the door. When i got there she opened the door, grabbed my hand and led my inside straight to the couch.

We just played some dans movies and she instantly got very turned on and she started climbing all on me and started to suck on my neck. This just turned me on, I started rubbin her plump tits till her nipples where hard and stood on end. I then traced my finger down her soft skin to her tight pussy. It was already wet as a mountain spring. The wetness just made my cock jump out to play.

We began to watch the dans movies and did what they did in the porn, lifted her up on my hard cock and let her slowly take my hard cock in her. Then i grabbed her hips and slid her down deeper. She got about half my cock in her wet pussy and nutted all over me. This had to of been the biggest hardest cock she had ever had. I lifted her up off the ground and let her work her pussy on me standing up. She started to scream my name over and over like on dans movies. Finally i grabbed her hips and slid my cock all the way in her tight pussy. She started screaming louder and louder every second. She nutted so fast i know i was just being the best she ever would or have had. She started biting me and scratching me. She scratched me so hard i bled. It felt so good i grabbed her and slammed my cock into her. She was screaming and moaning so loud it felt like i was a king. It was the best orgasm of my life. The kind of one that leaves your ears ringing 10 minutes later. The dans movies were behind us and still playing, so we started again.

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